Saturday, August 27, 2016

Bring Tarpenning or Eberhard to Utah to Create a New Car Maker

   What if we lured talent to our state by offering to set them up in business? Say, take the two earliest founders of Tesla, Marc Tarpenning and Martin Eberhard, and give them a state grant to create a new car maker right here in Utah.
   One usual way of attracting business, is to offer tax breaks. This is a little different approach. Instead of offering tax breaks, you are offering investment capital. You search out someone who is brilliant enough, and place them in business.
   Tarpenning and/or Eberhard might be good candidates. Although Elon Musk came along quickly after them, it was they who originally founded Tesla Motors. Though they are no longer with Tesla, they remain interested in electric cars. Tarpenning, interestingly enough, does not have enough notoriety to even warrant his own entry in Wikipedia. How is that possible? It seems Wikipedia has entries on most everything and on every noteworthy person.
   I say, ask them if they think another car maker, patterned after Tesla, could fit in the market. (Hopefully, they didn't sign a no-compete agreement when they left Tesla.) Why not tap into their experience, expertise, and ingenuity, and open a car-making company right here in Utah?

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