Monday, August 15, 2016

If They are Energized to Create an Education System, Plug into Them

   Perhaps the movement to let local districts do away with Common Core and to let communities come up with their own education courses and standards should be tapped into.
   Tap into the energy of the people who would go it their own way. Let them. Encourage them to come up with education programs in their own communities that are the best to be found. If they are energized to do better than what Common Core is doing, if they are all fired up to make their education systems better than they are elsewhere, they might just be driven enough to come up with something good.
   Now, if they are only going to be in this as far as dumping Common Core, and not energized to come up with an alternative, you lose that advantage. But, if they are excited about coming up with their own programs, let them. Those who have a fire for something are the ones you want creating it and carrying it out.

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