Saturday, August 27, 2016

Utah could Host Meaningful Debate Even if Clinton, Trump didn't Show

   Would like to see a few presidential debates here in Utah. At least one. With the interest in third-party and independent candidates that has swelled up here of late, we should have a debate. Invite the bunch of them, and, even if Trump and Clinton don't show, the debate(s) between the others would be meaningful.
   Maybe invite all 12 (or however many) and the write-in candidates, to boot, for a debate the first night, then winnow the field to three or four for a second night. Maybe have a round of debates as soon as they can be scheduled, then a second round as close to the election as can be scheduled.
   With more interest than usual in finding a candidate other than offered by the two parties, having a debate offers the minor candidates is a market that is not being met. Utah could fill that niche.
   With Utah being one of the states most inclined to vote for someone other than Trump or Clinton, it would be appropriate for this to be the state hosting debates among the other candidates. And, who knows but how historic this would be. Has there ever been a debate among the lesser candidates? Would it lead to their inclusion in future election cycles?
   (Note: the last paragraph was added to the blog 8/28/16.)

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