Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Are We to Ban the Belief that Homosexuality is Wrong?

  What are we saying? That we should ban the belief that homosexuality is wrong? That it should be illegal to believe homosexuality is wrong?
  I don't know that freedom of belief has ever been so challenged. Talk about thought police, I don't know that the freedom to think as you will has ever been under greater assault, in America.
  A person can believe homosexuality is wrong, and still treat the homosexual with love and acceptance. Indeed, I and many others believe this is exactly what we should do. We do not believe in showing intolerance toward them, nor hatred, nor belittlement.
  It is not our beliefs that should be outlawed. We should not be forced to think and believe as others do. But rather, if we mistreat the homosexual, that should be outlawed.
   At this juncture, then, the question becomes, what is mistreatment? Is BYU mistreating someone if it says homosexual behavior cannot be practiced by its students? Does an organization have the right to establish a code of conduct on such things? BYU also sets standards on dress, on hair length, on drinking and smoking. Is it to be considered discriminating against longhairs, and smokers and drinkers, then?
   Should we have a law, as well, that you cannot discriminate on the basis of smoking and drinking?

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