Thursday, August 25, 2016

Could Utah Tap into Water from the Ocean?

   We are the second driest state in the nation. Our Great Salt Lake is in danger of drying up. We are a growing state, demanding more and more water.
   Where do we get it, and do we need more than what we have? I hear little voice of concern, so perhaps we are well enough off.
   But, if our future does need water, what of the ocean? Could we pump from the Pacific, and desalinate it when we get it here? Could we use the residue brine to create new salt flats?
   It is said, about 96 percent of the earth's water is in the ocean. It is said, less than a half a percent of our human water consumption comes from desalination. Harnessing water from the ocean, then, remains one of the world's true frontiers.
   I do not see why there is much expense for vaporizing water, to remove the salt. It seems once you have the equipment in place, the expense would be little. And, I wonder if the energy to boil the water could be very small, once the equipment is in place for it, using mirrors or magnifying glasses or some other form of solar power to heat the water.
   The expense, then, could be in pumping the water all the way from the Pacific, which is an uphill climb.
   If it were determined that the salt water might be a spill hazard, then it would need to be desalinated before being piped.

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