Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Water, Water Everywhere in the Ocean, Yet We Drink Few Drops

   Count me among the lost as to why we don't use more ocean water. I mean, about 96 percent of the earth's water is in the ocean, yet desalinated water only accounts for less than a half a percent of human water consumption.
   I read how desalinating water is just too expensive. The cost can range from just under $1 to more than $2 to produce one cubic meter of desalinated water.
   I don't understand. I'm lost. Why the large expense. It seems you simply boil the water into vapor. Why should that be so expensive? I wonder but what focused mirrors or magnifying lenses or some other form of solar energy couldn't make this doable, inexpensive.
   I'm sure other people have wondered over this same question.

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