Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Our State Department Should Defend Lochte's Rights

   Justice can be lost in a confession. Ryan Lochte confessed, and we latched onto his confession as evidence that there was nothing wrong with how he and the other swimmers were treated at the gas station that night.
   I wonder but what they were mistreated. Did they vandalize the restroom as reported? It seems now that they couldn't even get in to the room to be able to vandalize it. And, why is there a break in the video, with the gap being when the security officers pulled their guns? Was there an extortion? How much money was taken, if there was? Was it taken at gunpoint? Is not such street justice something we should be opposing? 
   Seems to me, some agency from the U.S. should be investigating. Seems to me, our state department should be defending the rights of our Olympians, and protecting the rights of our citizens abroad. Seems to me, justice is being lost in Lochte's confession. Yes, he did wrong. Yes, he lied. But, that should not wash away ill treatment of him and and the other swimmers.
   Our state department should at least look into the matter, determining whether the swimmers were treated wrongly. If they were, we should at least publicly condemn the Brazilians for their actions. Both sides can act wrongly in a dispute, and it appears to me, both sides did.

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