Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Doesn't the EpiPen Scandal Demand that We Insert Competition?

   I didn't plug into the EpiPen scandal as I should have, but of the discussion I did hear, I don't remember anyone suggesting that this points out the crying need for competition.
  Did that go completely over our heads? Or, was it part of the discussion, and I just didn't hear it? It seems to me that when the price of the product skyrockets so high, we ought to have the presence of mind to realize that it wouldn't have happened if we had a system that allows someone to sell the product for less.
   In America, of all places, we often skip the free market system in favor of monopolies. Such is the case with EpiPen. We should change our patent laws to avoid this. Yes, I am aware that will take a Constitutional Amendment. We should do it, anyway. When something is wrong, and you see it, and you have any wisdom at all, you change it.
   I am quite confident our founding fathers would want this change made.

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