Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Deny Trump the Ability to Benefit from Pence being on the Ticket

   Is it too late to do this? Call the Utah Legislature into session and have them change the laws so that the president and vice presidential candidates are on separate ballots. That is the way the 12th Amendment says the Electoral College shall cast its ballots, so why not have the popular election mirror it?
   I guess there is no urgent need to fix the process just for this year's election. It could be done before the 2020 presidential race, if it is something you really want to fix. Still, if it could be done in time for this year's election, there is benefit to doing it now.
   For one thing, I wonder but what it would be timely for this election. There are many who would vote for Mike Pence for vice president who would not vote for Trump for president. With Pence and Trump running together, some are going to vote for the ticket who otherwise would dump Trump.
   So, if you are part of the effort to dump Trump, this could benefit your cause.
   I do not know whether the election laws are part of the Utah Constitution, or whether this could even be done in time. But, if it could, would be nice to do it.

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