Wednesday, August 17, 2016

CNN Went the Right Direction by Giving Minor Party a Stage

   Think it is neat CNN featured the Green Party on a town hall tonight. I wonder if a major network has ever before done such a thing, host a minor party. I like Jill Stein's demeanor. On demeanor, alone, she might be as good of candidate as there is.
   I would like to see minor parties invited to a presidential debate. Not allowing them, to me, extends the major parties monopoly on the presidential race. I say, put them on the same stage as the two major parties. Why not? It might be, they will out-debate the major parties and we might come to be convinced they are as good of candidates as the major party candidates.
   Putting them on the stage gives us opportunity to review them. Shouldn't we want to pick the best candidate, regardless whether that person is with a major party?

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