Friday, August 12, 2016

Our Ex-Cons need to be Employed

   Perhaps it is more important for the ex-prisoner to have a job than anyone else. I say a society operating on all cylinders -- doing everything it can to improve that society -- does not let its ex-convicts go unemployed.
   If he does not have a job, he is more likely to drift back into crime.
   As it currently stands, there are some employers, I'm would guess, that do seek to help the ex-con. But, for the most part, employees shun them. For the most part, that part on the application that asks if you have ever been convicted of a crime, screens out the ex-con, leaves him unemployed.
   I do not fault the companies for not hiring the ex-con. For the most part, you get a better employee by screening him out. But, from the angle of what is good for society, we need these people in jobs.
   So, we must change things. Forgive, but if we were a really responsible society, we would change this. We would encourage more companies to employ ex-cons. And, wherever there was not enough companies stepping forth to employ them, we (yes, government) would create jobs for them. This would be a difficult task, I realize, for you do not want to increase government spending. The companies created would have to be self-sufficient, paying their own way.

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