Saturday, August 20, 2016

Rather than Sitting Talent Down, Put Them in Same Backfield

  So, which quarterback is the started at BYU this season, Taysom Hill, who was a Heisman candidate, or Tanner Mangum, who came in when Taysom was injured and was a wonderchild as a freshman?
   How about playing them both in the same backfield, sometimes in a split shotgun with Taysom on one side and Tanner on the other? Other times, Taysom could be lined up as the halfback, and if the ball went to him, he could run or toss a halfback pass. The halfback pass has been considered a trick play, but with Taysom in the backfield, it could become a regular play.
   Don't know if anyone has ever had a two-quarterback offense, but rather than sitting talent down, play both of them at once.

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