Friday, September 30, 2016

Fluoride? We Should Err on Side of Caution and Leave it Out

   Perhaps we should quit adding fluoride to our water. It occurs naturally in water, at about 3 parts per million, and we up the dosage to 6 or 7 parts per million. The reason we add it, is fluoride fights tooth decay.
   But, does it also cause osteoporosis? Some suggest that theory has been debunked, but I am not so sure. Some say it also leads to higher levels of lead being stored in the body, but others say that has also been debunked. They might be right that it has. Some says it is linked to cancer, and I believe some studies back them up.
   I understand it is an acid. Does that add to the argument that it might cause osteoporosis?
   One might think that if it lessens tooth decay, it certainly shouldn't be causing osteoporosis. If it builds strong teeth, it should build strong bones, right? The thing is, though, while it does become a part of the bone, that is not how it fights cavities. Rather, it fights cavities by putting a coating on the teeth, to protect them.
   At any rate, fluoride is a toxin. I just wonder if we shouldn't be more hesitant about adding toxins. We might not know for certain that it has ill effects, but if we are to err, let us err on the side of caution.

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