Friday, September 30, 2016

Juannita Broaddrick's Going Public Should have Attracted Greater News

   In July, Juanita Broaddrick for the first time went public with her account of allegedly being raped by Bill Clinton, providing new details to what was already known. Should the major news outlets have covered it?
   In 2000, Connecticut Rep. Chris Shays went on a local talk show and disclosed the alleged rapes (Clinton allegedly did it twice before leaving her room). Shays said his information came from the Clinton impeachment trial. The rapes, if they did take place, were back when Clinton was running for governor of Arkansas.
   So, among other questions, we might ask, Should the rest of the media have picked up on the Breitbart News and Drudge Report stories in July? Should they still pick up on them? Or, is it just old news? Is it old news, even though she is going public for the first time, even though there are new details? And, isn't this matter something the public has a right to know about, since Clinton was our president?
   Which brings us to the questions: Should Congress have the right to keep such things under wraps? Or, does the public, indeed, have a right to know?

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