Monday, October 24, 2016

A Little Love in Education and Justice Might go a Long Ways

   My take on love. As I sit down to write, I wonder if I will be able to verbalize what it is, and how you convey it, and why it makes a difference.
  If I have suggested inserting more love into our  criminal rehabilitation system, and into our schools, would make a difference, just how do I expect  us to go about it? Aren't the teachers already loving? Prison guards might be another matter, for they aren't expected to be loving, and bringing them up a few notches doesn't seem so hard.
  If inserting love is a way of reforming prisons and schools, what would I do to make such a difference?
  When people feel good about themselves, when you give them hope in themselves, they respond better. When you are positive and upbeat, warm and friendly, it can bring out the best in the other person. Smile, be positive, and be enthusiastic. How many guards greet prisoners with, "Tom! It is wonderful to see you this morning! How is everything?"
   Teachers might be a more loving lot. But, could they step up their love? How about, if at most every juncture, they were oozing with such talk. "Katelyn! Seeing you in that nice and warm coat is a sight for tired eyes. You are always so cute."
   What if our teachers were like that all day long? A little too much, you say? I don't know. I think it good. I think the students would feel more loved. I think people do appreciate it when you speak warm and friendly, when you show acceptance of them and are caring towards them.
    Love is a small thing. It's not a big program like tests and curriculum. No, it is a small thing. It is a touch you add to whatever else you decide to do to improve education. But, I would guess the results from it are as great (or greater), than what you get from whatever grandiose program you add.
    This, then, would be reform. Why not try it?

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