Sunday, October 23, 2016

This Would Reform the High Court

   I should think this should count as real government reform. If we were to take all the judgeships in America, and succeed in placing men and women of wisdom in them, that would be reform.
  If we could do so with our highest court, if we could remove politics from that body, that would be reform.
  If we could place men like Solomon of old on the High Court, that would be reform. Remember Solomon?
  Since it is Sunday, consider on him. "For he was wiser than all men . . . and his fame was in all nations round about." (I Kings 4:31)
   To have leaders with such wisdom as Solomon would certainly count as reform. I don't know that we see many of our leaders as being so wise. To have them on the highest court would be an achievement.
   I only know this: We are not doing the things that would lead to the selection of such wise men on the Supreme Court. No, we are more concerned with whether they are conservative or liberal, than with whether they are wise. If you spent all your time in the confirmation process discussing politics, you are probably going to get someone because of their politics.
  So, what if your queries searched for their wisdom?
  I will repeat what I wrote last night:
  "If you would find a good judge, seek for someone who is non-judgmental. Search for someone who reserves judgment, who restrains from it. Seek for someone who does not hurry his opinion, but gives it time. Seek for a tolerant person, one who is not quick to cast a blame, who does not rush to find fault. Seek for someone who is not given to the winds of popular opinion, who will stand for what is right despite public pressure.
   "To be a good judge, you must be non-judgmental. You must be fair-minded, open-minded, even-tempered, and even-handed.
    "A good judge is like a good sailor. He doesn't set sail for a given destination, without first determining what would be the best destination. And, if there is a world to explore, he sails not for the predetermined point, but in search of the places that might not be known.
  "A good judge is a technician, not a cheerleader. He weighs the facts carefully, instead of chasing after those of a given opinion. A good judge should be someone who weighs right and wrong, not someone who has thrown away the scales.
   "A wise person is not someone who knows he is right, but someone who seeks to find out if he is wrong. So it is with a good judge.
    "A good judge does not seek to be a conservative nor a liberal. Rather, he seeks to find truth whether it falls in the conservative box or the liberal box.
   "Why, when we seek to find judges for the Supreme Court -- and for any bench position -- don't we seek candidates with these credentials?"
   It would be reform if we selected and confirmed court appointees with these credentials being required. Seek a person who has the attributes of a wise person, and you might find a wise person. But, if you seek only for someone who is liberal or conservative, you will likely only get someone who is liberal or conservative. That might be all you require in your judge, but I would do better for mine. I believe America will be a great country if it has great leaders, and that includes great Supreme Court judges. And, a great judge is not one who caters to the right nor the left, but someone who pursues only justice, truth and wisdom.

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