Saturday, October 15, 2016

McMullin Suggests a Way to Help the Underpaid Workers

   I read how Presidential candidate Evan McMullin would subsidize the wages of the poor. This would serve us well in a number of ways. One, It would, in essence, raise the minimum wage. Two, It would encourage people to take jobs even though they didn't pay very well until the federal money was added. Thus, it would increase employment. Three, Such a system might be used to replace some or all of our current welfare programs. Four, those in the welfare program would now be working, instead of just collecting.
   But, the system would also have its problems. One, If employers could get the government to pay part of the payroll, they would be inclined to lower their pay and let the government do its magic. Two, Those companies not receiving government subsidized workers would complain their competition was receiving an unfair advantage. Three, With every employer seeking to get on the program, the burden on the federal government could be astronomical, breaking the bank, and increasing the national debt.
   I'd like to think we could work out some of the negative impacts,

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