Monday, October 17, 2016

As the Prison Population goes Down, the Homeless Population goes Up

   A week or so ago, I read how Utah's prison population has dropped. The story credited legislative reform, and noted it is sending fewer people to prison for drug offenses.
   At the same time, we are reading story after story about our homeless mess. In a city that just short years ago received national attention for cutting back on the number of homeless, we now have a bigger problem than ever. 
   Ever notice how among the homeless there are a lot of drug addicts and pushers? There might be a connection here. We decided not to send so many drug offenders to prison, and the same time our homeless problem explodes. The legislature's fixing of the prison situation might have only exacerbated our problem with the homeless.
   It might or might not be what is going on, but you have to wonder. 

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