Sunday, October 23, 2016

This Would be Reform: More Love in Education and Criminal Justice

   Love, they say, is the most powerful of forces. We acknowledge this. We believe it, We don't doubt that it is true?
   Or do we?
   If someone were to ask me what would be one of the most important things we could do to improve our education system, I'd possibly tell them that we must insert more love into the system.
   And, they would roll their eyes and walk away. Nut case, they'd say.
  And, if someone were to ask me how to fix our criminal rehabilitation system, I might well reply that we need to show the prisoner more love.
   Now, there's a nut case, they would say, as they walked away.
   It remains, though, that if love is an important element, and if you truly want to improve your system, you look at the things that matter most. Love is one of them. If you are sincere in wanting to improve, you don't overlook the things that improve. You don't dismiss them as silly.
  So, if we are talking about education reform or prison reform, why not consider how we can insert more love into the models?

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