Friday, October 21, 2016

Would that Utah Stepped Forth in the Fight Against Climate Change

   How about a state -- Utah -- stepping forth to fight greenhouse emissions on its own? I mean, how about a state going beyond just meeting EPA requirements? How about a state getting proactive? How about a state being so concerned, it takes ownership of the problem and vows to do whatever can be done to curb greenhouse emissions?
   It would be wonderful to see a state say, "This is a problem. This is our planet. We should protect it. What is right is what is right, and as resident citizens of Planet Earth, we see it as our responsibility to help solve the problem." And, then that state went well beyond the EPA mandates and created a meaningful plan of attack to drastically reduce greenhouse emissions there..
   Why must we wait for the federal government to chase us into doing what we should be doing? State rights, you know. State governments before federal government when it comes to governing. If you believe in that, then don't wait for the federal government. Don't leave it to the feds to do all the legislating and to take all the action.
   Oh, you say, if any state is to step forth, it won't be Utah. Too many people there do not even believe in climate change.
   I am not so sure, though. The people of Utah can be very responsible. They can be very civic-minded, very caring about the society they live in. Witness how they lead in volunteer hours. Witness how carrying for the homeless is one of the major issues in the state. These people care for society and for the planet as much as anyone.
   And, they are but a revelatory moment away. They can be convinced. They can be open-minded. The argument to believe in climate change is huge: If most all scientists are sounding an alarm, if most of them are saying this is real, if most of them are concerned with what awaits the planet, then you listen. You listen to your experts. You listen to those in the know. Only a fool does not listen to wisdom.
   When you hear a voice of warning, if it comes from a responsible place, you listen. That is a way of thinking Utahns ascribe to.

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