Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Fleeing can be as Good as Fighting, so Evacuate the Syrians

   I thought better of the notion of going all out in war with Syria. What if, instead, we evacuated everyone who wanted out? Instead of just letting them flee Syria, what if we went in and physically helped bring them out?
   Just a thought, but I tend to like it. I know there would be some real obstacles, like, where would we put them? With many people and countries already revolting against the refugees, where would we put them.
  To make it even a little more complicated, I like the idea of placing them in their own new country. I like the idea of giving them land and borders and maybe even a new nation all of their own. But, that might be dreaming a little too much. Where would we put them? Siberia? Russia is not at all likely to go along with that. Nor would the Syrians likely choose to move to such a cold place.
   I think of how the Israelites escaped the pharaoh. I think of how the LDS people fled westward. For those of us who believe in the Book of Mormon, that book of scripture gives a number of examples of how people fled their oppressors. Fleeing your foes can be as good an answer as fighting them.

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