Sunday, October 2, 2016

Don't Hang Up, America; Don't Let Police get Away with Murder

   Don't hang up, America. Don't get so tired of hearing these stories that you care to hear no more. Instead, get so tired of hearing them that you've had enough and demand something be done.
  Don't start to take what is going on as common place. Don't reach a point that it no longer shocks you. No, for it seems every story should shock you more. Are we to say they are isolated cases, when it is time-after-time?
  You might have started with the idea that police wouldn't kill unless necessary, but now do you see that something is direly wrong in our nation; We do have officers killing when they shouldn't. We should reach a point where we do something about it, where we demand something be done about it.
  I write the above after reading about the killing of Joseph Mann in Sacramento. At first, officers tried to bump him with their car, failing twice. Then, they got out of their car and shot him 14 times. I am still learning some of the details, and might not yet have enough to surely conclude what they did was wrong. But, from the story I did read, it was wrong. They needn't have thought their lives threatened. They killed him, anyway.
   This is America. We stand for justice. We stand up to injustice. We fight what is wrong. We rally against it. Do not, then, allow us to be a state where police are allowed to get away with murder.
   You are welcome to come back, and read this blog tomorrow. I will tell you what we should do.

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