Thursday, October 13, 2016

Place them on the Islands of the Sea?

   The Syrian refugees remain one of the largest humanitarian crises of our time. So, then, finding a solution remains one of the largest societal needs of our time.
  Go in and evacuate them? Not just wait for them to come, but go in and help them get out? I think so.
   Relocating them to a new homeland, instead of just strewing them among the rest of the world? I think,if this can be done, we should do it. But where? Siberia? For it is one of the few places large enough them all to come to, setting up their own land, if not nation. Alas, they would not go there and Russia would not have them.
   New Mexico? For it is one of the spots in the U.S. with enough open land for a fair share of them to come and start their own communities. And, unlike Siberia, it is temperature friendly.
   How about the islands around the world? Remember Naguib Sawiris, the billionaire Egyptian? A year ago, he proposed building them a community on a Greek or Italian island. Whatever happened to that effort?
   I believe there are enough islands. I think we could do this. But, we might need to do more than simply place them on the islands. We might need to help them build their buildings and start their businesses and construct their homes.
   I think of the scare some have of bringing people from a land that has interspersed among it hostility toward the U.S. Would terrorists come in with the rest of them? If we opened a place for them in Mexico, would we be opening a way here for terrorists to sneak in? Have we already opened that door by bringing in some of them? Or, is our vetting system good enough to screen them out? Is it like presidential candidate Evan McMullin suggests: Any terrorist wanting to come to the U.S. would not be wise to come as a refugee, for that would put him under the spotlight of the vetting system. Our agencies sift through the list of those coming here, looking for possible terrorists.

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