Thursday, October 20, 2016

Integrity on the Bench Means More than being a Conservative or Liberal

   I do not fault a judge for having opinions on abortion, the Second Amendment, and such.
   But, I would like him or her to be open to reason. A judge should be someone who weighs what is right and wrong, not someone who has thrown away the scales.
   That is why it bothers me that we  commit our judges to their viewpoints as we vet them for bench positions. Of course we are going to seek out their stances on abortion and the Second Amendment and such as we consider Supreme Court nominees.
   Of course.
   . . . Or should we?
  We have shoveled politics into the bench, and into the Supreme Court. Maybe we should be looking for ways to take it out. It seems these should be men and women who are even-handed, considering each issue on its merits, rather than what the conservative or liberal viewpoint is.
   I do not know the answer at the moment. I do not know what to do. But, I believe we should want the most fair-minded, open-minded, even-handed people on the Supreme Court bench.
  (The last sentence added 10/21/16)

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