Saturday, October 8, 2016

Trump Would not to Wander in these Deep Waters, but We Should

   When, during the first debate, Trump suggested he had been about to say something demeaning about Hillary and her family, but decided not to, I could not help but wondering if he is feeling the host of attacks now coming on his own character. Those who throw stones should not live in glass houses, it is said. And, by throwing stones at Hillary, he is inviting stones upon himself.
Then, maybe it was two days ago, he said something to the effect that  he might avoid personal attacks in debate two. I wondered, again, if he is not wanting to shield off personal attacks against himself, realizing there is deep fodder against him.
   With the current news of his groping women now causing a threat to his candidacy, Trump is not likely to stay true to this don't-dig-for-dirt approach. Traditionally, he does lash back. He does counter attack. With some of his offenses being so out in the open, he has little to lose by shaming Hillary for her faults.
   And, what of "personal attacks?" Are they okay? When they are discussing your character, I think they are good things to discuss, even very important. I don't think we should dismiss them so easily. The character of a candidate is as important as anything else.
   Hillary's shortcomings? Has she bullied, shamed and intimidated Bill Clinton's victims, as Trump suggests? This is not new news to me, but I believe I, as a voter, should look at it closer.

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