Thursday, October 6, 2016

You Don't Respond to an Emergency with Planning; You Act

   Bless those who think differently. I know there are those not worried. I am. I surely am.  We are not reacting fast enough on global warming. We call for gradual reductions when what we need is to get off fossil fuels now, to whatever extent we can.
   I often wonder if we couldn't drop our fossil fuel addiction almost on the spot. Do it within, say, two or three short years. Could we built enough wind farms, and use enough other alternative sources so that we could drop the petroleum industry overnight, so to speak? Could we convert to electric cars within three years? I think so. We're already building them. It's not like they're still under development.
   If scientists are warning, if the planet is in jeopardy, if something needs done, we must do it. A plan of action with an end goal 15 years down the road is not adequate. What needs to be done, needs to be done now.
  You don't respond to a fire by scheduling fire fighters to get there in a week. You don't respond to a bank robbery by getting a policeman over there first thing in the morning. So why do we suppose to respond to this emergency in such a fashion?

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