Saturday, October 8, 2016

The Character of a Candidate is the Most Important Thing About Him

   To me, the character of a candidate is the most important thing about him. You may argue where he stands on the issues is more important. But, I see in his character, the seeds of his policies. If he is an honest man, given to truth, he will learn to weigh his facts. He will seek the truth, for honesty, of its nature, is a quest for truth.
   Give me a man who will seek the truth, before one who will proclaim he already knows it. Wisdom comes more often from those who weigh matters than it does from those who suppose they already know everything. The honest man will face the truth, but the dishonest cannot look it in the eye.
   Yes, give me the honest man. Give me the person who will take each situation, each issue, and press his mind to ponder in search of truth. In this, you have your Solomon. In this, you have your statesman.

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