Monday, December 19, 2016

Once Boarded, a Train is Hard to get off

   A train boarded, is hard to get off. And, so, it is with our opinions, beliefs and things we choose to do. Once we take up an opinion, it is not easy to change it. I would imagine somewhere someone has studied this, determining what conditions usually need to exist for a person to change their political opinions. If they move from a conservative to a liberal community, are they more likely to change? If they marry into a conservative family, are they more likely to change from being liberal? Or, are the changes usually due to conditions in ones life? If you are put in a position where it is you wanting the abortion, does that change your opinion? If you need welfare, do you become more approving of it?
   How often does someone change their opinion because of a lost argument? I would guess that somewhat rare, but there are times. What are the conditions? Does it take a more humble person?
  Nor is it just in political opinions. All our beliefs can be hard to change. Once we board a train, it is hard to get off. The train starts moving, and since no one wants to jump from a moving train, no one does. So it is with beliefs, once we adopt them, changing them can be painful, for no one wants to admit they were wrong. No one wants to get off the train, so to speak.
   I currently find myself eating more than I should, more than I did in a past day. My weight is up a few pounds. But, I find this a train I am having trouble getting off.

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