Tuesday, December 27, 2016

On this, I Wish Trump were already in Office

   On this, I might wish President-elect Trump were already in office: Israel. I do not side with President Obama in abstaining from voting on condemning Israel for settling the West Bank and East Jerusalem.
   I think it interesting that the Trump camp has suggested in might move the U.S. ambassador from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem. I wonder, would moving the ambassador to occupied East Jerusalem or the West Bank be considered? Or, would that be going too far? I think it perhaps would.
   The whole issue of whether Obama should have abstained, or whether he should have had us veto the resolution should be considered in light of whether Israel is right in settling East Jerusalem and the West Bank. Yes, the international community says Israel is wrong for doing so. But, if Jordan occupied the land before the Six-Day War in 1967, and if Jordan is not claiming the land, is it legally vacated to Israel? And, how far back to we go in the mapping of the area. I started to search tonight, but it is getting too late. Does modern Israel have any history of owning the land in question? For that matter, should the question not be limited to modern history, but extended to ancient history?

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