Saturday, December 17, 2016

I'd Like to See a Utah Recount

   If I could get what I wanted for Christmas? One thing I'd wish for would be that states, including Utah, would launch their own investigations of the election voting.
   Even if it is too late for the recounts to count.
   In Utah, Trump won by 8.2 percent more than what the polls said he would. That is beyond the margin of error pollsters give themselves. I believe most of Utah does have paper printouts of the votes, which is what computer expert J. Alex Halderman said should be used in doing recounts.
   Pollsters said Trump would win by about 10 percent. He won by about 18 percent. That is the largest margin of error among any of the swing states. If you were to want to hack the election, you would likely pick the swing states. So, if the election were hacked, it seems Utah would be a targeted state.
   Honestly? I would guess the election was not hacked. Trump won. He campaigned better. But, I am not sure of that. I look at how the U.S. intelligence agencies are saying the Russians did try to swing the election to Trump and I cannot but think if they were making every effort to swing the vote, creating fraudulent votes would be the surest way to do it. It would be something they would try. We no longer live in the same world as past elections. Voting is done electronically, and electronic voting can be hacked into. You can attach malware to the system, and that malware can be programmed to erase itself when the polls close. (That reminds me of old spy TV shows and how they would say, "This message will self-destruct.")
   I think of how -- was it in August? -- the voter data bases in Arizona and Illinois were hacked into. It seems if you hack into voter data bases, it surely might be because you intent to use the information to cast illegitimate votes. Doesn't that follow?
   All this gives us cause for suspicion. While you might realize you will be made to be a fool when the recount comes back showing no significant change, it still seems the right thing to do.

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