Friday, December 30, 2016

Are the Nation's Spies doing Their Own Recounts?

  Supposing U.S. intelligence believes Russia tried to influence the election, wouldn't it be concerned that the election voting, itself, might have been rigged? Surely so. Therefore, it seems that in addition to investigating whatever else might have happened, America's detectives would not neglect to look into whether the Russians hacked our election.
   Are they, then?
  All the recount efforts came up short. So, what would the intelligence community do? Would they sneak into a few places and do a few recounts all by themselves? It seems recounting votes is the only way to determine if fraudulent votes were cast.
  Are the nation's spies making recounts even as we speak? Or did they already do them, and come up short of finding anything wrong? They've had plenty of time and we haven't heard anything. Did they not do any recounts? Or did they just not find anything, so they aren't saying anything?
    To me, recounting the votes is part of any real investigation. If you don't recount, you will never know.
   So, how would you do it? I don't know that you would hand count. Not enough manpower. Instead, perhaps you would use optical readers of your own. Why hand count when today's technology allows for the optical readers to come in, look at the ballots and read everything as rapidly as the ballots can be placed before the scanners?
   Want to do it in minutes? That could be done, I would think. So, come in Christmas night, or New Year's night, when there are no custodians. How many would have night security? That would be something you would have to deal with.
   I just wonder what is being, or has been done, for it seems to me, if you are investigating Russia's attempting to change the election, this is the most vital thing to do. You don't leave a recount out and call it a complete investigation.

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