Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Choir's Performance is a Civic Function, not an Endorsement

 There is quite a movement asking the Mormon Tabernacle Choir not to perform at President Trump's inauguration. I think it quite fine, though, that the Choir should perform, We should honor all our presidents, whether or not we approve of their personal lives or political dealings. Would we refuse to shake hands with President Trump?  Singing at the inauguration is a civic activity at a civic event. Those who attend are not all fans of Trump, nor are they all endorsing him.
  I see some similarity in this to those who decline to stand for the national anthem, as they make a statement that blacks are discriminated against. Even so, those against the Mormon Tabernacle Choir performing see what needs to be no more than a civic event as a stage for making political statements. It need not be that way. If those who want to protest Trump want to leave their TVs off in protest, that is their decision, but they should not expect others (not expect the Choir) to share their view that this is more than a civic event.

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