Friday, December 23, 2016

This doesn't Justify Reopening the Recount, after all

    Learning more, I no longer feel that since there were more votes cast than voters who turned out to the polls, the recount of votes there should be reopened. If we were talking 25 extra votes in a precinct, a recount would be justified. But, today I read how 77 precincts were but a vote over, 62 precincts were but 2 over, 37 3 over, 20 just 4 over and 52 were 5 or more over.
   Those are hardly large numbers. If they were, there would be cause to think something was up. But, these small differences are more indicative of human error. Perhaps every once in a while, the poll worker failed to sign a voter in and sent him or her to vote, anyway.
  Humans being human, we should not be surprised at such errors.
   If an outside source were dumping fake votes into the system, it seems it would amount to more than one or two votes, unless you had a clever and careful intruder, who realized that if the vote count didn't match the voter count, eyebrows would be raised.

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