Thursday, December 8, 2016

We could Save $125 Billion, and That gets Little Attention?

  Here's a story that got away, didn't get the play perhaps it deserved. The Pentagon figured out how to save $125 billion, but buried the plan when it got worried Congress would use it as reason to cut military spending.
  The story was written by Craig Whitlock and Bob Woodward, and published in the Washington Post three days ago, Dec. 5.
   Now, if we were a nation set on slimming our national debt, we would all be hollering and shouting, demanding that the blueprint for saving such money be brought back out and used. This $125 billion is a lot of money. It's taxpayers money. Why don't I hear a few Congress members catching on the story, demanding that the cost-saving measures be implemented? Surely, some of them read the story. Surely, somewhere in the large number of Senators and Representatives, someone exists who would demand we do the only logical thing and save ourselves the $125 billion.

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