Saturday, December 10, 2016

Truth does not Run from Knowledge, and Neither Should Michigan

   He who will not search for truth, will not find it. If you shut the door down on truth, you cannot expect to find it.
   I speak of the decision to stop the election recount in Michigan. And, also, I think of those who oppose NASA's observation role in greenhouse gases. I, too, am apprehensive about that role, but only because I see a big expense in it. Expense aside, I say allow NASA to study greenhouse gases.
   He who runs from knowledge, runs from truth. And, I wonder if this is what is happening in Michigan, with the recount. I wonder but what many of those opposed to a recount aren't opposed because they fear the possibility the recount will indicate there might have been election fraud; they run from truth.
  If you would have the truth of a matter, study it; study everything about it. Truth does not run from knowledge, and neither should we.

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