Thursday, December 22, 2016

It Seems they Surely Should and Must Recount in Wayne County

   News breaks that the recount in Detroit and Wayne County got far enough to reveal that the number of votes tallied by the optical readers exceeded the number of voters recorded who showed at the polls. I believe in some of the precincts, the votes were fewer than the number of voters who showed, but, overall, the number was greater.
   With this news, it seems they surely should re-open the recount. Trouble is, the court has told them not to. So, what do you do? My understanding is, they are going to do an "audit." I hope and imagine that that "audit" will include a recount.
   It doesn't matter that Hillary Clinton won in Detroit and in Wayne County. Yes, this indicates she, not Trump, was the benefactor if there were election tampering. But, whether there is a recount should not be dependent on who won, or who benefited, but on whether the official tally was accurate.
(Note: See next blog, where I see that this does not mean the recount should be restarted.)

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