Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Bless the Child with Love: True Love is not Conditional, but Free

   If you would save the child, save him the stress (or save her the stress). The pressure to succeed can cripple, impair, and even kill a youth.
   I read a wonderful article Sunday in the Deseret News. titled "The Lone Peak story," by Jesse Hyde, about teen suicide. It laid out how expectations on youth at the affluent Lone Peak High School have led to suicides. The students are faced with living up to high standards in education, church and athletics.
   I do not say it is wrong to have programs that call for excellence. But, every child must be accepted, loved and praised, regardless of whether they achieve anything. Love is not something to be given only to achievers, it should be given -- perhaps even more -- to those who don't excel.
   No child left behind? Rather than have all children reach a high level -- and credit that as no child being left behind -- no child should be left behind when the love and attention are being passed around. Love should not be conditional, based on achievement, but it should be free.

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