Sunday, December 4, 2016

Why not become the Only State to Elect the President the Right Way?

   If we were operating the way the Constitution suggests, the six Electoral College representatives from Utah would be free to vote for who they thought wise. I do not know that I would encourage them to vote for anyone but Trump, at this point, as they have committed to him, and state law commits them to him.
   Still, such pledges and laws should be done away with. The Constitution is clear on how the electors are to select the president. If the Founding Fathers had intended it to be an automatic process, we wouldn't need people there to do it. We would just translate the popular vote into six electoral votes and be done with it. Clearly, the founders intended us to do it differently than that. Why not just do it the way they intended?
  It would be neat if between now and the next election, Utah changed its laws to conform with the Constitution, and we became the first state in the Union to elect in the manner prescribed by that honored writ of governance. Why not do it right? Why not become the first and only state to do it right?

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