Thursday, December 1, 2016

Investigate Trump's charges

   Is this dangerous, as people are suggesting it is? Trump says he would have won the popular vote if false votes were discounted in Virginia, New Hampshire and California. Such outlandish talk undermines the integrity of our election system, it is said.
   I can see that. I see how quickly his followers jump to believe him. They speak of undocumented residents voting.
   I would, the same, that we took what he is saying serious, and looked into it. Did unregistered voters in those states cast votes? I don't know that a simple recount would uncover this. You would have to investigate further than that.
   And, there is expense. I believe we must find a way to pay for it.
   The way to ensure the integrity of the system is to investigate claims against them. What if undocumented residents are casting a large number of illegal votes? Do we not want to know? And, if they aren't, perhaps an investigation can help put the charge to rest.

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