Saturday, December 31, 2016

Let the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Sing at the Inauguration

   Trump did not have my vote, at all. Still, there's a lot of good in this man. Like the president before him, he seeks to do good. Bless him for that. And, honor him as president. We do not need to approve of his personal life to honor him as president of our nation. Some have suggested the  Mormon Tabernacle Choir should sing "Let Us Oft Speak Kind Words" at his inauguration, teaching him to speak better of others. I disagree, I wonder if it is us who ought to speak the kind words in our treatment of Trump.
  Would we even not shake hands with him? Would we not be so civil as to sing at his inauguration if he invited us?
   I see a lot of the Colin Kaepernick thing in this flap over whether the Mormon Tabernacle Choir should sing at the inauguration. I don't oppose Kaepernick for what he does. Let him voice his displeasure over the flaws in our nation by protesting how he will. And, it is the same with the controversy over the Choir singing. Some would have the Choir voice displeasure over Trump's flaws by sitting out the inauguration. That is fine, if they want to leave their TVs off and sit it out, but they should not expect others to have to feel that way. Many just don't feel the inauguration is a stage for decrying the flaws of the nation or its leaders. To them, it is simply a civic event. Even as Kaepernick hopefully does not fault those who participate in the National Anthem, even so we should not fault the Choir for participating in the inauguration.


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