Wednesday, December 14, 2016

If the Russians Cast False Votes, Recounts Might not Catch Them

    I don't hear a call for more recounts in the wake of the announcement that Russia did, indeed, try to hijack our election. And, I wonder if recounts would do any good. If Putin's agents didn't change the votes, but entered false votes, perhaps the recount would only recount the same false votes.
   Remember that the voter data bases in Arizona and Illinois were hacked? I believe that story broke in August, but didn't get too much play that you should remember it. If you are hacking the voter data bases, it seems it would be to find registered voters to use their names to cast false votes. So, should we be looking at places where voter participation was higher than normal? And, how do you check to see if the voters cast their own votes or if someone voted for them? Do you go back and ask every voter whose votes were registered if they actually voted? Or, is there a way of tracing votes coming in from outside the polling places?

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