Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Is Marijuana a Silent Killer?

   They say that no one ever died from a marijuana overdose. I suppose, it is also probably argued no one ever died from marijuana, period.
   I wonder. And, I confess it is celebrity deaths that in part lead me to wondering. We know George Michael used marijuana. We know marijuana affects the heart. Age 53 is a young age to be dying of natural causes.
   I wonder if we were to study those who die relatively young of natural causes, say by age 60, and determined how many were marijuana users, would that be evidence that marijuana can lead to early death? I think it would be indicative, but not proof.
   As I think to end this blog, I word search and find an article that suggests it is a well-accepted medical opinion that marijuana can, indeed, lead to early death. An article by William Abraham, MD, in everydayhealth.com says a new study "further demonstrates that marijuana use increases the risk of major cardiovascular events such as heart attack, heart rhythm disorders, and stroke, particularly in young people without other heart disease risk factors. The extreme seriousness of these events is underscored by a death rate exceeding 25 percent in those affected."


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