Tuesday, January 24, 2017

If the Palestinians want the Land, let Them Come and Claim it

  Israel has announced it will build 2500 more homes in the West Bank, and I wonder why they should not be allowed to.
 Why not an open West Bank? Instead of banning anyone -- Palestinian or Jew -- let them all in. Whoever wants to build, let them build. Yes, I know your answer is that that would not preserve a nation for the Palestinians. Israel is keeping the new settlements together, though, and separate from existing Palestinians, if I am correct.  So, if the Palestinians want to claim more, let them build their own new settlements to claim what land they will. A land rush is might be, but let it be. In the Old West, you claimed your land by going there. No one said, This land is reserved for those coming from New York, or England or wherever. If the Palestinians want a franchise, let them come and claim it.

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