Tuesday, January 24, 2017

How do I feel about the Job Freeze? You see an Opening, Take it

   If you see an opening, take it. I guess that's the way I feel about President Trump's hiring freeze. It's an opening in the fight against debt, so I wish we would utilize it.
   A hiring freeze might be an effective way to chip away at spending. There are more than two million civilian federal employees. That workforce in 2016 cost $267 billion. Say you could chip $20 billion off through the hiring freeze, that might not be a great amount out of a total budget of $4 trillion, but it is still a little bit.
   And, we don't know how many jobs are expendable. So who knows how much the savings will be until we get it there and do it.
  The nice thing about a freeze is that no one is losing their job. You just aren't replacing them when they quit retire. This stabilizes your economy as you down gear.
   I am aware you cannot have a hiring freeze and expect it to work without managing it well. Simply cutting jobs will fail, as some jobs are essential. You do not want to cut essential services, essential positions, so you would need to shift people's assignments as the workforce dwindles.
   You would need to do some cheer leading, some coaching, some coaxing. Leaders would need to step in and provide leadership, encouraging the employees to not only do more than they are, but to not be upset that they are doing more than they are.
   And, at times you might need exceptions. Some positions might not be able to be cross-filled. You would need to be flexible enough to hire when hiring is a must.

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