Saturday, January 14, 2017

C-SPAN Episode as if Straight out of a Movie

   This is as if straight out of a movie. Congresswoman Maxine Waters is speaking on the House floor Thursday when she is suddenly cut off the air. The feed on C-SPAN is replaced with one from Russia Today.  As Waters continues, she speaks of Trump and the Russians, but the C-SPAN listeners get none of that. Instead, they hear music from Russia Today. What is Russia Today? Well, the declassified intelligence report last week had it involved in Russian attempts to steal the election.
  What caused the C-SPAN interruption? C-SPAN officials suggest nothing nefarious was going on. It was just a technical glitch, they say. Maybe they're right. All I know is, what a coincidence!! When the day comes that someone does makes a movie out of the Trump election -- and we have to guess that will someday happen  -- this will surely be in it.

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