Thursday, January 26, 2017

Freedom to Choose Your Spot on Earth is a Right

   I believe the right to move about freely is a basic human right.
   This is a right challenged on two fronts the past few days. There was Trump making good on his campaign promise to build a wall, and there was the lashing back when Israel announced it was going to build 2,500 more homes in the West Bank.
   To me, the right to go where you want, live where you want, and choose the country you want, is a basic human right. Does it have any limitations? Yes. You do not have the right to go anywhere to do harm. Nor do you have the right to escape justice after doing harm to other people's rights. Countries can and should protect their borders against criminal elements.
   I favor allowing Israel to build its settlements. Rather than banning some people from the West Bank while allowing others, I say let them all be welcome. But, if you will, let them vow not to do harm to each other.
   And, I favor allowing those not inclined to criminal behavior to come to America. If they are not going to do harm, let them come. If you would increase the background checks to guard against harmful (criminal) behavior, do so. But let the simple folk and the hardworking job-seekers come.
   Freedom to choose your spot on the earth is a human right. Freedom to harm that spot is not.

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