Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Malfunction or Hacking

   So, we are told the election machines occasionally machines "malfunctioned," spitting out someone else as the person voted for instead of the person actually voted for. Nothing here. It happens every election. Move along, please.
   I only know that if electronic voter machines were hacked, changing the votes from one candidate to another, this would be a possible scenario. And, I also take note that the paper printout would not reveal the fraud, it would merely mirror the false vote. Or, so I suppose. But, perhaps it depends on what the malware was programmed to do, and when it intercepted and changed the vote.
   No, I do not dismiss this my fear of "malfunctions" being hackings when I learn this has happened in past elections. Just because a hacker has been hacking longer than you thought, doesn't mean he isn't hacking.






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