Saturday, January 14, 2017

Are the Russians any Worse than We, Ourselves?

   Perhaps Russia did no great wrong in influencing America's election? I suppose we still have not heard exactly everything the Russians did do. Yes, they hacked the DNC and RNC, we are told. But, what else did they do?
  They spread disinformation and propaganda? I assume that translates into falsehoods about Hillary. But, what if everything they spread about Hillary was true? And, which accusations against Hillary did the Russians spread?
  If the Russians took truth and simply scattered that? That would be fair. If they took falsehoods and spread them, though, does that make them any more evil than a good portion of our own political powers? We get lies and false spins from our own politicians. Why is it suddenly a thing to rise up in outrage about just because it is the Russians doing it?
   Well, if it was falsehoods that were spread -- and if they are calling it disinformation, that would be falsehoods -- I remain convinced it was a wrong. I still suggest it is something we should be upset about. That a foreign power influenced our election with untruths should be a serious concern to us.
   And, yes, it would be good if we also were displeased with falsehoods spread by those right here in the U.S. Rather, though, we only get upset if the falsehood is about our party. If it is about the other side, we are inclined to take it as truth.

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