Saturday, January 7, 2017

No Evidence the Election was Stolen at the Ballot Box?

   The vote counting was not tampered with? That is one of the findings of the Intelligence Community's report on Russia's influence on our election. Most every direction I looked yesterday, someone was saying no one questions the vote totals. I do, though. I wonder. To me, if you were trying to influence the election, it would be natural enough to try to sabotage a few computers. You probably wouldn't catch too many, for you would need install the malware physically. To be able to gain that type of access in too many places is understandably to be questioned. On the flip side, you might be able to do it without leaving much evidence behind. The malware erases itself when the polls close. Recounting the votes? Paper printouts would reflect the votes tallied (supposing the malware changed the vote before the printout). So, a recount would show nothing. Now, if there is no or little way of uncovering the vote-tampering, the Intelligence Community might shy from even making the accusation. Intel officials might be reflecting on how they once suggested there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, only for it to end up there was no evidence. 

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