Sunday, January 22, 2017

Freedom of Religion Includes Freedom to Teach Creationism

   Freedom of religion ought to include the freedom to instruct your children in faith, a friend of mine suggests. Freedom of religion should include the freedom to tell the creationist story.
   And, I agree.
   More than just that, this is also a matter of freedom of speech. We should be free to utter the story from Genesis. It should not be banned and hushed from our schools.
   But, the freedom to speak is also the freedom to not speak. There are parents who do not want their children being taught the creationist story. They, as well, have freedom of speech rights. Freedom of religion includes freedom from religion.
   So, how can you take the creationist story into public schools without violating their rights?
   The answer seems easy enough, to me. You ask the parents of each child if they want their children to be taught the creationist story. Then, you divide them. You take the children whose parents approve, and you teach them the creationist story, while the rest of the children are in a separate classroom learning extra about evolution.
   That brings up the question as to whether all children should be taught of evolution and the Big Bang. I think it should be a course taught to all those who don't opt out. Thinking there is value in learning about the Big Bang, I would rather hope no one opted out. Still, it is a religious right, and I suggest those who want to should be allowed to skip the class. Let them spend the time in the library while that class is being conducted.


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